Core values: Advocating Virtue, Perfecting Therapy, Following Principles and Saving Lives.

Vision: Building a regional medical center in the middle west of China.

Mission: Promoting benevolence and benefiting the all.

Cultural belief: Seeking harmony without uniformity, making progress with concertion.

Contact Us

Taihe Hospital

Address: No.32, Southern Renmin Road, Maojian District, Shiyan city, Hubei Province, PR China

Phone: 0719-8801533

Fax: 0719-8883809

Medical Consultation Center: 0719-8801880

Emergency Call: 0719-8881999

Taihe Hospital, Wudang Mountain

Address: No.6, Taihe Road, Wudang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, PR China

Phone: 0719-5666908、5666910

Medical Consultation Center: 0719-5666938; 0719-5666120

Emergency Call: 0719-5669120

Taihe Hospital Branch

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