Introduction of Taihe Hospital

Founded in 1965, Taihe Hospital is under the foot of Wudang Mountain, a world-famous Taoist holy land. Taihe Hospital is a national Grade three Class A general hospital, a drug clinical trial agency of China, and a collaborative hospital of international emergency rescue center. Taihe hospital is the affiliated hospital of Hubei University of Medicine, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s also a doctoral training center for Wuhan University, Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Taihe Hospital has one base and three branches, with a designated bed capacity of 4,854 and nearly 5,000 staff members. It has two national key disciplines, i.e., the Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Therapeutics and the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. It also has 41 provincial key specialties, including internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, etc. Taihe hospital is ranked as 8thin prefectural-level hospitals, 80thin scientific research, 39thin surgical volumes and 6thin best employers of hospitals, nationwide.

The hospital is innovative and reformative, and it has brought forward several medical alliances boldly according to the local circumstances. Based on these, the Taihe Medical Group is built, including the Yunyang People's Hospital, Shennongjia Forested area People's Hospital, Yunyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Zhuxi People's Hospital, except the main campus.

The East Campus (aka Rehabilitation Campus) of Taihe Hospital is a regional tertiary rehabilitation specialized hospital in northwest Hubei and the largest rehabilitation medical center in Hubei Province. It was established in 2015 and passed the three-year CARF certification, the highest level of the international rehabilitation quality control gold standard, in 2017. It has been developed into a rehabilitation institution integrating of medical treatment, education, research and training.

The Taihe hospital (Wudang Mountain)is completed in 2019, which is located at the shore of the Taiji Lake and the foot of the Wudang Mountain, having engaged ecology, fresh air and refined environment. The hospital boasts a number of sophisticated medical equipment, including 128-row/256-slice high-end spiral CT machines, 3.0T MRI scanners, large-scale flat-panel angiography machines, a French DDFAO system, etc. It has developed more than 30 specialties and offers 600 beds, featured with chronic disease management, female oncology and anti-aging. The China-Canada Wellness Institute, aiming at chronic disease management, is cooperating with the Health Management Center of Seven Oaks General Hospital by introducing its advanced management philosophy to build a health management center covering sub-health management, chronic disease prevention and rehabilitation. The Women's Oncology Center, a strategic partner of Ewha University in Seoul, offers personalized treatment services for breast, thyroid, uterine and ovarian cancers with the concept of "the hospital that knows the woman's body and mind best". The Anti-Aging Center, in cooperation with international advanced anti-aging medical institutions, performs medical plastic surgery, functional health maintenance, Chinese medicine health care, etc. Besides, a lifestyle medical center has been set up to foster and educate more healthy life.

In the future, Taihe Hospital will focus on quality improvement and global-horizon broadening, making it a modern, intelligent and internationalized hospital.

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