2018/11/30 14:36

The 95-year-old professor insists on prescribing with "right" but not "expensive" drugs

    Gui Shicheng, a pediatrician from Taihe Hospital, was listed as one of the "Good Doctors in China" in 2019. He is the founder of the Department of Pediatrics of Taihe Hospital, and is good at the diagnosis and treatment of various incurable diseases in pediatrics with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, such as infection, diseases of nerve, respiratory, kidney, etc. At his 95 years old, he still insists on presenting at clinics 4 times a week, and his expert clinic quota will be reached half an hour later once the system is open. “I only take six patients an hour, and it is too fast to be good .” he said. With half century of prescribing right but not expensive medicine, he has shown the true benevolence of a doctor.

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