2022/05/31 09:04

Introduction to Taihe Hospital, Wudang Mountain Campus

Wudang Mountain is a world-famous Taoist resort, an international tourist destination, and the world capital of wellness. The Wudang Mountain Campus of Taihe Hospital is located just at the foot of the mountain with the styles of modern, garden-like and intelligent. It covers nearly 200 thousand square meters and has 600 beds, featured with chronic disease management, female oncology and anti-aging except the general hospitalization roles.

As a key construction project, the Sino-Canadian International Health Management Center, is cooperating with the Seven Oaks General Hospital in Canada to build a health management center that covers sub-health management, chronic disease prevention and rehabilitation. The Women's Oncology Center is a strategic partner of the Gynecological Cancer Hospital of Ewha University who has been known as "the hospital that knows the woman's body and mind best". The center offers personalized treatment services for breast, thyroid, uterine and ovarian cancer patients. The anti-aging center cooperates with international advanced anti-aging medical institutions to provide medical plastic surgery, genetic testing, functional medicine maintenance, traditional Chinese medicine health care, skin care and others.

Besides the featured techniques, the campus also provides other general medical services, including rehabilitation medicine, general medicine, female oncology surgery, female oncology radiotherapy and chemotherapy, radiotherapy center, tumor palliation, internal medicine, endoscopy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, stomatology, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, emergency, anesthesiology, ICU, reproductive medicine, laboratory, ultrasound, pharmacy, radiology, blood transfusion, pathology, operating room, etc.

Being a patient-centered hospital, the campus uses various information-based methods to facilitate the treatments, simplify the processes, reduce the cost and finally achieve the goal of intelligentization.



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