Change of Heart is almost ready for beta!!

Wow! There were some days when I was writing Change of Heart where I never thought I’d finish. Typing the words “THE END” was such an amazing feeling. I can’t believe I finished writing my second book! Surreal. Not sure what to say other than that.

I’m currently working on the re-read…going through and correcting typos, doing little revisions, making sure things flow, that I didn’t use the same word 400 times, and checking for continuity. Since there may have been a week or more between when I wrote chapters, I like to go back through and make sure it all makes sense together and flows properly before I share it.

So what’s next? Beta! I’m hoping to finish the re-read this weekend and send it off to betas by Monday. I’m anxiously excited. It’s always nerve-wracking having someone read your work, but even more so to have someone read your first dirty draft. Hopefully the response will be positive!!

What else is new? Well…I finally approved the cover and text for the Our Moon paperback!! So that will be available very soon. 🙂

Oh and vacation was AMAZING! Inspired a new book idea…stay tuned…

And don’t forget to add Change of Heart to your Goodreads!! It will be released in the fall.


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