2016 Signings!!

I’m so excited, I have been invited to, and will be able to attend, three signings in 2016!!


The first will be Sassy in Jacksonville on June 4th, in Jacksonville, Florida. I went to Sassy in Savannah, also hosted by Short and Sassy Book Blurbs, as a reader back in October. I loved it so much, so I’m super excited to get to be able to attend another one of their events, and this time as an author! Tickets are just $15 for regular, and $30 for VIP. Check out the Facebook page here or buy your tickets here!

Next up will be Authors With Southern Charm right here in Charleston!! The event is July 23rd. I think it’s awesome that there’s an event here in my own town and can’t wait for all the fun they’re planning. It’s going to be great. Check out the Facebook page here, with a lineup of all the awesome authors attending, and buy your tickets here, they start at just $12!

And I’ll be closing out my 2016 signings with Carolina Book Fest in Charlotte, NC on October 15th! This is the first event I committed to, so happy to be attending something close to home! I’d heard about this event a little too late in 2015, so I’m excited for the opportunity now. Check out the Facebook page here, and get your tickets here! They start at $15.

Let me just say…I can’t wait to meet some readers!!! This is going to be so exciting. I love having the opportunity to interact with fellow book fanatics, and I love meeting new people. I hope I get to meet some people I’ve chatted with online, too. 🙂

Yeah…and for the record, I’m going to totally end up fangirling at at least one, probably all, of these events!! There are some really great authors attending and I am honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to be among them. I seriously cannot wait.

So…who’s coming???

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