Some author friends and I have been chatting about the different ways to reach out to readers, both new and existing. We’ve talked about the pros and cons of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and something we all seem to agree on is that when using those other social media tools, we’re bound by the guidelines of that community. It’s not that we’re all itching to break the rules or anything like that…well, not all the time…but we’re a slave to their systems and algorithms and whatnot. The few things we do have (almost) complete control over? Our websites, blogs, and newsletters.

With that in mind, I am going to:
– try to do a better job at getting my newsletter out monthly
– keep my website updated and active
– do some more blogging!

A few years ago I blogged pretty regularly. I was a post a day, or every other day, kind of girl. I participated in fun blog-hops, like the Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun from Hilary Grossman’s blog, Feeling Beachie. Needless to say, life (aka school) got in the way and I strayed from blogging. I just checked and realized…my blog still exists! It’s still out there. I thought I had deleted it. Interesting…maybe it’ll make a comeback one day. Maybe…

So I’m going to work on posting once a week. Things like what I’m reading or listening to, what I’m up to, peeks into my writing processes, random facts about me, and interviews with my characters, authors, bloggers, and readers. So stay tuned, there are some fun things on the horizon!

And if you are an author, reader, or blogger interested in participating in an interview or guest post, give me a shout here, on Facebook, or by sending an email to

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