Getting to Know Me ~ Fur-kids

So you’ve read lots about my books and other people books…how about a little about me?

If you’ve ever read my bio, you know I’m a mom to three fur-kids.


You have no idea how challenging it was to get this photo!! When I wake up in the morning or am reading in bed at night, I’m usually surrounded by all three of them, but try and get them together for a photo op? Not likely. I had to use my stern “mom voice” and none of them liked that.

The black on one the left, so stubborn (as you can tell by her inability to look at the camera). In fact, I had to go where she was to take this picture as the other two are more pliable. That’s Phantom, a.k.a. the Phantom Menace. Because she is a menace. We found her almost 13 years ago as an infant kitty who had to be bottle fed. She’s since grown to like twenty times her size. She’s had personality changes over the years and she’s finally mellowed out and started acting more like a cat and less like a demon. She has taken on a German Shorthair Pointer, a Boxer, and a Doberman…and won. Like I said…menace. Now she purrs, lets you pet her (for about 45 seconds), and is generally more tolerant.

The brown and black one on the left, he thinks he’s a dog. That’s Buster, a.k.a. Buster Brown or Boy. He’s sort of got a target on his side (a euphemism for his life), which you can’t see in the picture. We found him in our yard about 8 years ago, de-clawed and friendly as ever, and never could find his previous owner despite our best efforts. He comes when you call his name, will jump up on your lap or leg when you pat it…he is the anti-cat. But he’s as timid as ever, possibly due to his time on the streets and sharing an abode with the bull-cat.

And in the middle is the queen of the castle, Daisy, a.k.a. D, Doodle, Deedle, Diesel, Pincess, Monkey, Pupperkins, Mookie, Punkin, DD, Beebee, and the list goes on. She’s an almost 10 year old rat terrier who pretty much rules our lives. Brad brought her home one day and all I could think of (as someone who grew up with big, real dogs) was “What is that?” I didn’t want a rat dog. “That’s not a real dog.” And yeah…that was ten years ago, so we see how THAT turned out. Now I think she’s perfect because she stays puppy size forever!!

Got fur-kids? Tell me about them!

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