Sassy in Jacksonville Re-Cap

So I had my first signing!!






It’s funny how you can write a book, publish said book (or three), do all sorts of marketing for your books, talk to readers, bloggers, and other authors about all of the above…but you still don’t really feel like an author.

At least that’s how it’s been for me.

Yeah, I know I’ve authored some books—and I’m damn proud of that fact—but it’s still all so surreal until you’re at an event and the other authors there are your peers and you’re talking to readers and bloggers about your books and signing stuff and people are saying they follow you on Facebook or they’ve read one of your books…

Wow. Just wow.

It was epic.

The event was fantastic. Short and Sassy Book blurbs did a great job putting it together. I attended Sassy in Savannah as a reader and had a great time, so when I was invited to this one, it was a no-brainer for me. Of course I wanted to do it, and I was so happy it was my first signing.

I got to meet authors I’ve been chatting with on Facebook, which was the first thing that made it all seem real. Having drinks with Amalie Silver, Fabiola Francisco, and Julie Morgan? Sign me up! Then meeting more authors at the reception and signing…phenomenal. I had some awesome table neighbors. My inner fangirl was pretty well contained, all things considered.

Then the event…it was just so much fun. I loved talking with readers. Trying to figure out how to tell them about my books without giving spoilers wasn’t easy, but it was doable. I met a few bloggers that were great as well, even went live with one of them.

And my fabulous assistant, Marissa!! I have to thank her to the moon and back for traveling to Florida to meet me and hang out and be my errand girl. She got me signatures and swag and helped set up my table. Well…she set up my table while I unpacked boxes! Ha. It was so great to finally meet her in person!! We met in a Facebook takeover back in the early days of Our Moon promo over a year ago. Just one more thing that makes everything more real!

So I had an amazing time at the event, and I’m going to share the Facebook links of some of the people I connected with so you can check them out. But honestly, all the authors there are amazing, so you should definitely check them all out!

Amalie Silver (Read Word Play! Just do it!)

Fabiola Francisco (Stole a swag idea from her!)

Elizabetta Holcomb

Julie Morgan

Laura Lee (Awesome table neighbor!)

Cynthia P. O’Neill (She kept me fed with cookies while I was starving!)

Delia Foster

Amy Jackson, Editor

Short and Sassy

Diva Does 4 Good

The Ultimate Fan Blog (We went live!)

Books All Things Paranormal and Romance

And by the way…pretty much everything on that table was designed by Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs…she did an amazing job!! It’s all gorgeous. 🙂

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