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Change of Heart (Second Chances 1) ~ FREE

Casey Evans and Decker Abrams had been best friends since they became neighbors at the age of six. After high school, Casey abruptly leaves their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina for the west coast, leaving Decker wondering where she went and why she left.

Three years later the two are reunited, both harboring some old resentment towards the other. Not to mention, Casey has been hiding a pretty big secret from Decker all those years. Not willing to risk losing Casey again, Decker follows her back to California in an attempt to save their friendship.

Will Casey and Decker work out their issues and be best friends again? Or will they finally become something more?

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Right Place, Right Time (Second Chances 2) ~ 99 cents Pre-Order

Kate Dumont is an achiever, completely focused on her future. Playing the role of brilliant pre-med student doesn’t leave her much time for anything else. But is she working towards the future she wants, or the future her elitist parents have planned out for her?

Jay Spencer grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. He’s made some mistakes, and one in particular will follow him around for the rest of his life. He spends most of his days keeping himself out of trouble by following his passion, riding and repairing motorcycles.

Two lost souls met on the side of a South Carolina highway three years ago, neither one knowing what they would eventually mean to each other. Reunited in California, Kate and Jay feel a pull towards one another they cannot explain…and they’re not even sure if they should try.

Will they help each other bring out the best in themselves? Or are their lives too different to even have a chance?

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  1. haha sometimes the scent of the stores can be ovlewherming but if you only have a product or 2 it's usually not that bad. The emotional brilliance line has a light rose scent, in case you ever wanted to check them out online.

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