Top ten best things about writing and authoring and publishing…

The writing prompt I picked for today was the top ten best things about 2015. I’m editing that, obviously, to something more general since 2015 is old news.

So here is my list of the top ten best things about writing and authoring and publishing, in no particular order.

1 – All the awesome people along the way.
2 – Sharing my stories.
3 – Messages from people who have enjoyed my stories.
4 – Signing events are tons of fun.
5 – Being welcomed back with open arms from readers and authors after having to take a time out for my health.
6 – Having an outlet for the random, crazy, and silly ideas that pop into my head.
7 – The terror/excitement that comes with finishing a new book.
8 – Creating and briefly living the lives of a bunch of different characters.
9 – Being inspired to tell a story by the simplest of things.
10 – Providing for my family in a different and fun way.

What’s your top ten list?


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