I got SaSSed!

It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been to a signing as an author. I hadn’t really produced anything new, plus I was sick and broke, so the last year wasn’t really a great year to do anything. However, I’m ending 2019 with a BANG! I attended SaSS this weekend, and I’ll be attending Tempted and Tantalizing in New York City (Staten Island) and Rebels and Readers in West Virginia. I’m so excited to be back in the game.

Signings are always an adventure. They’re full of opportunities to meet new readers and authors. I always leave feeling refreshed and inspired. I want to write all the words and talk to all the people. I end up with new ideas for swag and giveaways, table designs and so-it-yourself everything. They’re that shot of life an author needs every once in a while, and I always leave happy that I came because even if I spent my profits on signed paperbacks (I heart Sawyer Bennett, maybe a little too much), I’m rich with new connections and ideas and THAT is way more valuable, in my humble opinion.

So SaSS. Tons of fun. It wasn’t too far from home, located this year in Charlotte, NC. Brad came with me and we ended up taking Barkley because he had surgery on Thursday and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving the patient for a few days so soon afterwards. He did pretty well on the trip, slept when the medication kicked in (sometimes), and didn’t cry or bark too much. Nearly everyone who encountered him pet him and loved on him, so I’d say his part of the trip was a success.

I got to connect with some readers from my group, Chapter Chicks, and they always make me smile. It was great seeing Samantha, LaChelle, Janise, and Beth. They were also the super excited recipients of some paperback ARCs of Simply Irresistible! That was something I’ve never done before and may definitely do again in the future. I also got to meet the wonderful, Karen, my personal/virtual assistant who came to me from heaven. Haha. She is seriously great and it was awesome to meet in person, even if I totally blanked on who she was at first. #chemobrain #terribleatputtingnamestofaces

I had a great time talking with fellow author Linny Lawless about stepping outside of my writing comfort zone. I have an idea I’ve been tossing around ever since and you just might see something a little darker coming from me in the future. I met Amber Lacie before my dear BFF, Natasha, and enjoyed sending pictures to torment her. My next door neighbor, Abigail Lee Justice, was a doll and shared some great travel advice. I also met Melanie Moreland who was an absolute doll! I also caught up real quick with Stephanie from Stephanie’s Book Reports. I saw and chatted with a few other authors and bloggers, and it was a great time.

Author Amy Marie and blogger Lisa Sproat (of The Literary Gossip) were wonderful hostesses. From the moment I signed up until the end of the event, they were right there, easily accessible, and working their butts off to put on a great event. Everything was coordinated so beautifully, and there were so many activities for authors and readers to participate in. One of the best events I’ve been to. Never a dull moment. I hope to have the opportunity to attend another SaSS event!

So it’s been a while since I’ve done an event recap, and I’m glad I sat down to do this one. I love looking back and re-experiencing events, and these posts help me to reminisce since my memory isn’t all that great anymore. If I missed mentioning you, I apologize. Again…the memory! I had an absolute blast and can’t wait until the next one.


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