Gravity Series

The Gravity Series is planned to be a two book duet, Push and Pull, with the prequel included in the Get Rocked! in Vegas Rockstar Romance Boxed Set, which released on May 16, 2017. Push and Pull are planned to release in the Summer of 2018.

In Force, readers will meet Ash and Lee, and their bands, Rhythms of the Restless and Sweet Hostility, when they win contests to perform on stage at one of the largest rock music festivals in the world. In Force, you’ll feel the instalust that develops between the two as they engage in a sexy weekend of rock and roll.

In Push, Ash and Lee are reunited and their bands go on tour. The chemistry is still there, full of hot passion and eventual love. Lee and Ash plan a future together, and an epic romance ensues.  Readers will be witness to the rise of their relationship and stardom, and then the inevitable fall.

In Pull, Lee and Ash are leading separate lives, but they’ll always remain intertwined. Will Ash be able to right his wrongs? Can Lee ever forgive him? He pushed her away, now he wants to pull her back. Is the force between them strong enough to make that happen?

Read on for the blurb of Force: A Prequel to the Gravity Duet, then scroll further for some teasers!

Force: A Prequel to the Gravity Duet

Featured exclusively in the Get Rocked! in Vegas Rockstar Romance Boxed Set for a limited time.


Lee Taylor, drummer for Sweet Hostility, is elated when they win a local contest and get to participate in one of the biggest rock music festivals in the world: Get Rocked! Together with her three bandmates/best friends, she travels to Las Vegas and gets lost in the heat and excitement of Sin City.

Ash Keller, lead singer for Rhythms of the Restless, feels like he hit the jackpot when his band gets picked to go to Vegas for the annual Get Rocked! music festival. It’s his chance to leave his past behind and make something of himself. He’s instantly caught up in all—and who—Las Vegas has to offer.

When Lee and Ash meet, a force pulls them together and doesn’t let them part. Join them for a weekend full of sexy rock-n-roll.

Cover design by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs.
Cover models: Daniel Wells and Becca Bryant 

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