Gravity Series

The Gravity Series is a planned serial, with the first story, Force, included in the Get Rocked! in Vegas Rockstar Romance Boxed Set, which was available for a limited time in 2017.

In Force, readers met Ash and Lee, and their bands, Rhythms of the Restless and Sweet Hostility, when they won contests to perform on stage at one of the largest rock music festivals in the world. In Force, you’ll feel the insta-lust that develops between the two as they engage in a sexy weekend of rock and roll. The rest of the series will follow Lee and Ash through the ups and downs of their lives together, and the many trials and tribulations they face together and apart.

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Force (Gravity, Part 1)
includes some teasers

Push (Gravity, Part 2)

Pull (Gravity, Part 3)