Pull (Gravity Part 3)

Title: Pull
Series: Gravity, Part 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Keywords: Rockstar

Release Date: TBD

As if Lee’s anger with Ash wasn’t enough, she serves him with divorce papers. Instead of letting it knock him down further, he rises above. Coming out of rehab higher than he’s ever been before, Ash will stop at nothing to get his life back, even if it means confronting old demons.

Ash nearly lost everything. His wife, his children, his band, and his life.  He is a different man than he was before. With each day that passes, Ash shows Lee he knows what love is.

He needs Lee like he needs to breathe, but is it too late? Life will never go back to the way it had been for them, not if Ash can help it.  Did he push her so far away she’ll never love him again, or will he be able to pull her back in?