Change of Heart is almost ready for beta!!

Wow! There were some days when I was writing Change of Heart where I never thought I’d finish. Typing the words “THE END” was such an amazing feeling. I can’t believe I finished writing my second book! Surreal. Not sure what to say other than that.

I’m currently working on the re-read…going through and correcting typos, doing little revisions, making sure things flow, that I didn’t use the same word 400 times, and checking for continuity. Since there may have been a week or more between when I wrote chapters, I like to go back through and make sure it all makes sense together and flows properly before I share it.

So what’s next? Beta! I’m hoping to finish the re-read this weekend and send it off to betas by Monday. I’m anxiously excited. It’s always nerve-wracking having someone read your work, but even more so to have someone read your first dirty draft. Hopefully the response will be positive!!

What else is new? Well…I finally approved the cover and text for the Our Moon paperback!! So that will be available very soon. 🙂

Oh and vacation was AMAZING! Inspired a new book idea…stay tuned…

And don’t forget to add Change of Heart to your Goodreads!! It will be released in the fall.

Change of Heart

Change of Heart is my newest work in progress, you can read more about it here. And it is going beautifully!! I start classes again today (the last semester towards my BA!!!!!) so I tried to get as much work done on it as I could before school will start taking over half my free time at home. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and on track, so far, for what will hopefully be a late summer/early fall release. The words are flowing so well right now, so I’m kind of bummed I have to slow it down for class, but we do what we gotta do, right?

So Change of Heart is a bit different from Our Moon. Not as sweet and innocent, but still pretty sweet. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ve been enjoying writing it!

Hitting walls doesn’t feel all that great…

Well, I’ve sort of hit a wall with Joey and Evie’s story, Her Lone Star. It’s still happening – I’ve got the outline, I’m just struggling a bit with filling it in. I don’t want to fill it with junk, I want to make it good. It’s also turning out a little longer than I had originally planned, too. I never intended for Our Moon to go beyond Our Moon and be a series of spin-offs. I personally love cross-over books, when an author randomly features a character from another book in a book, so I thought about doing something like that. I just didn’t want to do a series where there may be too much expectation, for me or for the readers. I am also a little lazy and didn’t want to have to worry about continuity between the books. I got the idea for Our Moon from a random snippet of a dream I had one night. It festered until I finally wrote it out. It was always just by itself. There was never anything else there. Then, while I was writing it and once I was finished, I found that I really liked some of the side characters. My betas liked them, too. They wanted to know more and I decided I wanted to share a little more, so voila! Her Lone Star was born. It may still be a novella, it may be longer, I just don’t want to try to force a story out and make it crap. I want to do the characters justice.

So…I’ve decided that I’m just going to set it aside for a little bit and work on the other story that is floating around my brain and taking over my imagination. Maybe once I push this other one out, Her Lone Star will have some room to grow. 🙂

An Our Moon short story?!

Work on Our Moon is nearly complete. Waiting on editing and some additional feedback, but it’s sooo close!! The cover is being worked as I type. I can’t wait for it to all come together!

So what’s this about a short story when Our Moon isn’t even done yet?

Well, pretty much all of the five people who have read Our Moon in its rough states have really liked a couple of the side characters, Joey and Evie, and wanted to know more about them. I like Joey and Evie, too, so I decided to do something a little extra for them.

I had too much to say about them to include in Our Moon without taking the focus off of Ally’s story, but I didn’t quite have enough to give them their own book. So, a short story was born, Her Lone Star.

It’s not finished, but I’m working hard and I hope to release it around the same time Our Moon comes out.

Our Moon

Hi there!

So let’s talk about my first book, Our Moon.

Random fact: every time I think, type or say that title, I always wonder if I accidentally said “New Moon” by mistake, thank you Stephenie Meyer! Another random fact: I devoured the Twilight series books in less than a week. I even called in sick one day because I couldn’t stop reading.

Anyway, Our Moon, has been floating around in my brain for years!! It feels so good to finally get it out. I’ve written many versions of the story in my head, with the working title of “Memory.” I’m still not sold on the title Our Moon, but it is seriously so hard to give a title to a book. I almost wanted to call it “Ally” because she’s the main character in the book and that would be easier than thinking of something clever.

Our Moon is about Ally Monroe. She is 19 when she wakes from a year-long coma and discovers that she has amnesia due to head trauma suffered in the car accident. Her two brothers are there to help her out, and their band. The first part of the book focuses on Ally getting used to her sort of new life, asking questions, trying to find answers, etc. The second part of the book is kind of a twist, it tells the beginning of the story, the before the accident part. So the book is split in part one (after) and part two (before). That was something I decided to do at the last minute and I kind of like the way it turned out. And that’s all I’m saying because I don’t want to give too much else away.

I really hope you enjoy the story! It’s going to be about 200 pages, give or take. I am doing some final edits now before I send it off to betas and then ARCs. My goal is to have the book published electronically by April 7th. I hope to publish on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.