Get Rocked! in Vegas is LIVE!


I can’t believe it’s finally here! This has been a serious work in progress and it’s finally out in the wild. I hope you’ll snatch it up and check out my short story, Force. I absolutely LOVE the characters in this story, it was a project I was so passionate about. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.


What else?

Jenna Galicki ~ Jade C. Jamison ~ Theresa Hissong
Lisa Gillis ~ Lashell Collins ~ Jennifer L. Allen
Bella Jeanisse ~ Maria Bernard ~ Sadie Grubor
Kacey Hamford ~ Toni Kenyon ~ Lindy S. Hudis

There are 11 other authors in this anthology that you just have to read. Some may be old favorites, others may be new to you, but they’re all amazing. You will not be disappointed with this boxed set.

Buy it at your favorite ebook retailer for just 99 cents! The price will go up soon, so grab it for 99 pennies today.

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Wildflowers (JACT 2.5) is LIVE!

Title: Wildflowers
Author: Jennifer L. Allen
Series: JACT 
Genre: Contemporary






You’ve met them already, but how did they meet?
One night, small town Texas girl, Evie Carson, goes to a concert on a photographer’s press pass to see her brother’s best friend’s popular band. She doesn’t expect to meet Joey Adams, drummer for the up-and-coming rock band, JACT. Sparks fly and a life-changing adventure begins.
Joey Adams is living the life. He’s on a nationwide tour, drumming for his band, who are also his best friends, opening for the chart-topping band Infrared Flamingos. At a tour stop in Dallas he meets sexy, sweet and sassy Evie Carson, and he has to have her.
Join the tour and enjoy the ride as Joey and Evie’s lust at first sight quickly turns to love.
Catch up on the series now!
Our Moon
Hearts In The Sand


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An Our Moon short story?!

Work on Our Moon is nearly complete. Waiting on editing and some additional feedback, but it’s sooo close!! The cover is being worked as I type. I can’t wait for it to all come together!

So what’s this about a short story when Our Moon isn’t even done yet?

Well, pretty much all of the five people who have read Our Moon in its rough states have really liked a couple of the side characters, Joey and Evie, and wanted to know more about them. I like Joey and Evie, too, so I decided to do something a little extra for them.

I had too much to say about them to include in Our Moon without taking the focus off of Ally’s story, but I didn’t quite have enough to give them their own book. So, a short story was born, Her Lone Star.

It’s not finished, but I’m working hard and I hope to release it around the same time Our Moon comes out.