Hitting walls doesn’t feel all that great…

Well, I’ve sort of hit a wall with Joey and Evie’s story, Her Lone Star. It’s still happening – I’ve got the outline, I’m just struggling a bit with filling it in. I don’t want to fill it with junk, I want to make it good. It’s also turning out a little longer than I had originally planned, too. I never intended for Our Moon to go beyond Our Moon and be a series of spin-offs. I personally love cross-over books, when an author randomly features a character from another book in a book, so I thought about doing something like that. I just didn’t want to do a series where there may be too much expectation, for me or for the readers. I am also a little lazy and didn’t want to have to worry about continuity between the books. I got the idea for Our Moon from a random snippet of a dream I had one night. It festered until I finally wrote it out. It was always just by itself. There was never anything else there. Then, while I was writing it and once I was finished, I found that I really liked some of the side characters. My betas liked them, too. They wanted to know more and I decided I wanted to share a little more, so voila! Her Lone Star was born. It may still be a novella, it may be longer, I just don’t want to try to force a story out and make it crap. I want to do the characters justice.

So…I’ve decided that I’m just going to set it aside for a little bit and work on the other story that is floating around my brain and taking over my imagination. Maybe once I push this other one out, Her Lone Star will have some room to grow. 🙂

An Our Moon short story?!

Work on Our Moon is nearly complete. Waiting on editing and some additional feedback, but it’s sooo close!! The cover is being worked as I type. I can’t wait for it to all come together!

So what’s this about a short story when Our Moon isn’t even done yet?

Well, pretty much all of the five people who have read Our Moon in its rough states have really liked a couple of the side characters, Joey and Evie, and wanted to know more about them. I like Joey and Evie, too, so I decided to do something a little extra for them.

I had too much to say about them to include in Our Moon without taking the focus off of Ally’s story, but I didn’t quite have enough to give them their own book. So, a short story was born, Her Lone Star.

It’s not finished, but I’m working hard and I hope to release it around the same time Our Moon comes out.